Internet Safety

We strive to make the Xiaolin online world as safe and friendly as possible. However, we would like you to be aware of some general safety tips. If you have any doubt or questions about using the Internet or our Site, please ask your parents/guardians for help.

1. Joining the Xiaolin Fan Club™

If you are a young monk under 13, you will need to enter your parent or guardian’s email address. If you are a big kid, aged 13 to 18, simply enter your email address. Personal information (such as date of birth, gender, address, zip code, and country) is not required. REMEMBER: DO NOT share personal information like a telephone number, pictures, address, the name of your school, etc. with people you do not know. Use only your user name and/or email address when posting on the message boards or sending messages.

2. Never give out your password to anyone—on or off the Internet!

Our staff members will not ask you for your password. And we will NEVER email you to get your password. Please watch out for fake log in screens. Some people may copy our log in box and post it on their personal web pages to trick others into entering their user names and passwords. Look at the URL. If it says anything other than, DO NOT enter your user information. If anyone attempts to get you to reveal your password, please report this immediately to

3. Be careful and be smart about who you talk to on the Internet

If someone says or sends you something that makes you uncomfortable, LOG OFF and immediately tell your parents/guardians. They can report it to your online provider. If this happens on our Site, please notify us immediately at Remember, nothing you write online is private – so be very careful and think before you hit SEND.

All Xiaolin Chronicles activities and games are contained within our Site.

Always delete unknown email attachments without opening them. Sometimes people post links around the Internet, including on our Site. They claim the links will lead to other Xiaolin Chronicles stuff. Don’t fall for it. Links like these often contain nasty viruses that can seriously damage your computer. Remember, anything that is located outside of the official is not endorsed by us. If you choose to visit an unapproved site you are proceeding at your own risk.

5. Never meet an online “friend” who you do not already know in person

People can sound nice and cute and funny online. But you should not meet any online “friends” who you do not already know in person. When in doubt, always ask your parents/guardians for advice.

6. When in doubt, always ask your parents/guardians for help

Remember, you can always LOG OFF and return later.